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Product Description

Our Condiments with Balsamic VInegar of Modena is obtained by mixing Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, cooked grape must.

The slow acetic fermentation makes it so scented and colored to make it look like traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Therefore it is not necessary to add any type of preservative or dye. It is the result of a small production of high quality.

Suitable for use in exceptional circumstances , it has an intense aroma and a rounded taste markedly balanced sweet and sour and a high density.

A delicious sauce that is served with meat dishes but alsa with cheese, fruit, ice cream, sauces, rice, soups, eggs.

Natural products, with no added colors,preservatives and thickeners.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Country of Manufacture Italy
Regione Emilia Romagna
Storia del produttore

The Fondo Montebello company was born in 1992 to produce balsamic vinegar of Modena based on the experience consolidated in many years of the ancient recipe handed down from father to son up to the founder of the vinegar cellar Massimo Bellodi

Till this day Fondo Montebello still maintains the appreciated high quality of our balsamic vinegar becoming the winning choice in the europian and american markets always more demanding,thanks to the research and development of new products in which they dedicate economic and human resources

Our goal isn’t to be known as a vinegar cellar that only offers a niche product but a company that satisfies clients with a wide area of products that go from balsamic vinegar to condiments,from balsamic vinegar based mustard to natural glazes with different and appealing flavours.

Satisfying our clients requests we started a real phase of groupage with high quality handmade products on the Montebello brand such as pasta, extra virgin olive oil, Toscano Chianti wine and Prosecco doc.The Fondo Montebello has inside it’s company qualified staff who studies the needs of those clients that ask for a private label for the sale of balsamic vinegar on their own brand

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